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Photography: Jason Maddox

Photo Editing: Ken Pivak |

Makeup: Kristine "LaLa" Sterris

Wardrobe: Kristie Jarfold

Hair: Joanie Danger

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inn the fall of 2007, owners Brett Curtin, Tanya & Reshma Hira came up with the idea to open a home for South African wines in New York called Xai Xai”, the first and only South African focused Wine-bar. Despite widespread enthusiasm and praise however, patrons were also interested in trying the distinct cuisine as well.  When the perfect venue presented itself not 100 meters from Xai Xai's door, “Braai” was born. Braai continues to enchant and captivate the imagination of guests and grows in popularity and praise as they strive to bring the very best of South African and mother land to the big apple.

The word “Braai” is South African for “Barbecue” or “Grill” and is more than a social custom in South Africa - it is a way of life. In its essence, a braai is a gathering of friends and family to enjoy open air cooking, socializing and hospitality. Located in the heart of Manhattan's theatre district, Braai is the premier South African dining experience in New York City. The restaurant itself presents a unique African bush-inspired theme that is both inviting and captivating.

The atmosphere is warm and enchanting, with vaulted reed-thatch ceilings and tree trunk-lined walls exposing guests to the aesthetic and textural diversity that is unique to Africa.  South Africa, from its earliest beginnings was discovered out of a quest for spices and ultimately became a melting pot of colonialist powers, foreign slaves & indigenous African cultures. 5 major influences included in their cuisine are Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Indian/Malay, bringing a “rainbow” of rich flavors and spices into local game meats and traditional European dishes. The dishes are prepared in a novel yet familiar way, implementing the diverse flavors and combinations of ingredients inherent in the fabric of South African cuisine and life.


329 W51 St. Hells Kitchen
New York City, 10018
Call : 212 315 3315

Tues-Thurs 11am-12am
Sun 11am-12am