continent of expressions - AFRICA
afrostylemagazine cover december 2008

Photography: Jason Maddox

Photo Editing: Ken Pivak |

Makeup: Kristine "LaLa" Sterris

Wardrobe: Kristie Jarfold

Hair: Joanie Danger

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afro style mag | READERS’ FEEDBACKS  


second issue cover for afrostylemagHere are some of our readers’ feedbacks on the Second Issue of AfroStyle Magazine.


" Wow… I took the liberty to check out Eugene Ankomah’s link (the visual artist). Absolutely stunning works. Very unusually versatile in many art fields. Very impressive indeed. "

Dark Pa

" Kudos to you in every way AfroStyle Mag, for your great work. All praise to you! Wanted to say that I also very much enjoyed the article on Eugene Ankomah, the visual artist. A very inspirational and gifted young man!! I look forward to your next issue! "




" I loved the Head Scarves - Origami article. The magazine is quite versatile. Good work. "

M. Whitman



" I searched for something completely different, but found your website! And have to say thanks. I think you have a great magazine going here. Nice read. I will come back. "

I. Huang

" Your articles are very good. Thank you very much. "
H. Hako

" What a great site and informative. Found it on Yahoo.
I will add bookmark this site. "
L. James

" Thank you for your great content. "
L. Williams

Michael C. M

" My interests in the African culture including its FASHION all forms of it.
I enjoyed browsing your online magazine this evening and I hope to see more that represents the land and the people and our true origins.
Keep up the good work and continue showing where creativity came from AFRICA.
Peace. "

J. Dwyer



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