The vast plains of the southern most region of Brazil are called the “Rio Grande do Sul”. This area is cattle country; the nutrient rich prairie is grazing heaven. The Gauchos or South American cowboys would prepare feast for their families by slow roasting the various meats over an open pit with reasonable greens and vegetables dishes using native ingredients. Rice and beans were important parts of these meals; as were the fruits of the region. The roasted meats were brought around to each family, offering the best of the gaucho’s herd. They carved the meats at each table in a show of skill and festive gift giving and at “Texas de Brazil” Churrascaria (steakhouse), they continue that tradition. The delicious cuts are slowly roasted over a flame and accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and sweet fried bananas.

Living the cattle rancher’s life, one of the partners had visions of bringing this culture to the United States. This unique concept offers diners a parade of meats and an extravagant seasonal salad area. This vision finally became a reality with the first location in Texas-the cattle man’s land. Combining the culture and feast of Brazil with the service and class of the state, Texas de Brazil emerged. Since its 1998 debut in Addison, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Texas de Brazil’s opened its doors in not only within the United States in Tennessee, Florida, Chicago, California, Louisiana, Las Vegas, Virginia but also internationally in Aruba and Trinidad. The newest feature to the restaurant is “Beijos Lounge” where visitors enjoy signature cocktails, rare wines, happy hour and special events and a new bar menu in the new relaxed atmosphere.

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