Mission Statement

To Celebrate Africa’s Beauty through Fashion and Lifestyle ASM is a premier high quality African inspired fashion magazine. It is a magazine that supports and promotes African Fashion in its entirety and goes further to show the ways African Fashion can be infused with today’s Western and European fashion trends in clothes, accessories and beauty. Our goal is to not only support and promote African inspired fashion designers, but also those who contribute to positively representing Africa in other industries such as entertainment, health, sports and much more. Increasing awareness of Africa’s various cultures and lifestyles gives readers a closer and better understanding of Africans. Our mission is to bridge the gap between African, African American and Non-African American Women and Men not only within the United States of America but around the World by pushing African fashion and lifestyle to the forefront of the fashion and social arena- giving them the ability to relate to them in some way or the other. Afro Style Magazine is a magazine that celebrates the Beauty of Africa. In addition, bringing Africa’s point of view to the forefront tastefully and in high quality is Afro Style Magazine’s primary concern. Afro Style Magazine will begin as an online magazine. The URL is www.afrostylemag.com. The eventual goal is to become a print magazine to be distributed in the United States of America and beyond. Afro Style Magazine interest to reach across the different races and cultures within and outside the United States via fashion, editorials and entertainment will create a better understanding about Africa. Our interest is to continue to keep Africa in the limelight through each issue.


Who Reads Afro Style Magazine?
Afro Style Magazine is geared towards to the sophisticated and urban audience between the ages of 18-40 with an open frame of mind. They are ready go outside of their comfort zone and explore the happenings beyond their surroundings. They are ready to learn more about what is going on in the African Diaspora in fashion, culture, lifestyle, entertainment and everything in between. They may or may not be familiar with African fashion and lifestyle; however, they want to know how to add a piece of Africa to their closet and lifestyle. Furthermore, they want to expand their minds and know more about everything African through our editorials.


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