Ken Pivak

a commercial photographer with over 20years experience in advertising is a big dreamer. If there’s a way to transfer the senses so an image will lead you to another world… this is the path that Ken has created throughout his career. However, he’s embarked on the biggest challenge of his life; to teach the world about digital photography. His show called “Digital 1to1” is currently doing this very thing. With his partner Santino, they’ve paved a way to show everyone how photography is still as passionate and creative since the days of ‘the camera obscura”. It’s this love for his craft and the idea of giving to others the gift of photography that Ken has found his true passion. To find out more about this new exciting video library, contact Ken.



Photo Shoot: “AfroStreet: A Denim Story…”

Jason Maddox

likes motorcycles and sometimes takes pictures in and around Los Angeles



Photo Shoot(s): “AfroFusion: From UK to Ghana”

“AfroTraditional: The Touareg of Niger & Mali”

“AfroStyle Magazine’s Cover page”

Star Foreman

is a fine art, editorial and fashion photographer in Los Angeles. A contributing photographer for the LA and OC Weekly Star’s work has also graced the cover of the Village Voice and Pasadena Magazine, and been featured in Alt-Noir magazine, Latino Leaders, and INStyle Australia. She holds a BA in photography from the Art Center College of Design.



Photo Shoot: “AfroModa: Ol’ Hollywood Glam”