Women began challenging the expected roles as "the happy little homemakers" and their story became the story of the Women's Liberation - a story that has helped make the necessary and important changes and achievements around the globe. The movements that started the march to liberation, broke down the doors for other marches against sexism, inequality in pay, sexual harassment and many others. Despite the hurdles and setbacks, progress is being made as people are being held accountable, do not close your eyes to the face that in various parts of the globe, women are still subjected to the backward treatment and harassment with no way out. So not only should we 'Wake Up,' we must 'Stay Up' and fight even harder for the voices that are still screaming, crying and dying to be heard.

In our eighteenth issue Wake Up, we are glad to have interviewed Tamera Mowry-Housley, Chimamanda Adichie and Andrea Bordeaux who speak on their thoughts on the theme of the issue. Enjoy our features from Nigeria, South Africa, India, Ethiopia, Colombia and Sweden.

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Amaka N. Onyioha