The inspiration for this column came from the realization that I am not the same person I was seven years ago. One day I sat down and looked through my college album, I observed that I look more radiant now than I did when I was younger. My skin is clearer, my body is more defined and I seem happier in my current photographs. Of course, my devotion to Zumba and a rigid work out three times a week can be attributed to the defined body. The question still remains, why do I look better now? I guess the saying that the older the berry, the sweeter the juice is not just something folks say to pass away time. As I get older I feel more at peace than I did when I was younger. The stress level is still the same for me because I am a wife and a mother but I deal with issues differently now. I leave my problems in the hands of Baba God. This freedom allows me to enjoy my life without stressing over issues that I cannot control. Trust me, the drama gets real but I choose to live stress free and channel my energy to building a successful family and career.

Living in my skin allows me to be who I am regardless of the networks I build or the oppositions I may encounter. I have spent the last several years constructing my identity and redefining myself in my community, the world and on cyberspace. In my last column I defined myself as a Nigerian-American and it was liberating to speak my mind. I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing but I have not been privileged to live in oblivion because in my reality, if I do not hustle, then I do not eat. So as an orphan, I never really enjoyed living in my utopia. The ability to be comfortable in my imperfection is my reality. I will rather live in the pain of my truth than pretend to be happy in someone else’s lie…Word!!!

In regards to being free to express myself, I want to point out that my major challenge in life is mastering the technique of suffering fools. I am always itching to let somebody get a piece of my mind. Of course, the appropriate way is to let it go but some folks just need to hear it because it just might save their souls. I am not one to break folks downs emotionally to live in victory; however when I see the agents of evil drooling in their master work of destruction, I definitely will give them a piece of my mind. The world is changing and people are becoming cruel to one another for no reason but pure hate. Being able to live in my skin gives me the courage to express myself in a manner that I would be respectful and inspiring to others. I have children and I want them to be courageous as well because society has a funny way of destroying ones self-esteem and identity. So folks, get ready for the new, improved and fabulous DIVA Ngoma and remember…Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Mad DIVA Game Baby!!!