Who we are and What we believe?

What is AfroStyle Magazine about? It is an online African, African inspired and Multicultural and Multiracial Fashion Editorial Magazine. It covers contemporary issues such as fashion, entertainment, tourism, arts, culture and more. We recognize the diversity and complexities of the human race and their unique cultural breath (style). Every culture has a rich, deep breath or style that cannot be ignored or marginalized. The spirit of a nation can be found in her style and we identify the similarities and value of every cultural fashion breath or statement. To ignore a nation's style is akin to cultural suppression. AfroStyle Magazine embraces and showcases the way a culture chooses to design their dreams or visions of flare and dignity through fashion. AfroStyle Magazine speaks of value, expresses beauty, comments on attitude and identifies substantive style.

AfroStyle Magazine supports and promotes African Fashion in its entirety and highlights the impact of Contemporary African Fashion on today's Western and European trends in clothes and accessories. In addition, we celebrate achievers and trendsetters who positively represent Africa and beyond. The letter O that creates the Afro sound is symbolic to us because of our inclusive mindset and recognition of a global community or village. The letter O is communal and united. AfroStyle Magazine focuses on what unites us as a world community and not on the ideas that breaks the human link. AfroStyle Magazine is aware that a person's culture can stop them from seeing beyond their inherited or indoctrinated perceptions. Despite these hurdles and other differences, AfroStyle Magazine highlights what all cultures have in common and informs our readers to look not just with their cultivated minds but also with their human hearts.

AfroStyle offers a forum for people of African descent and of other cultural backgrounds to interact on contemporary issues of the day in a way that not only encourages positive dialogue and understanding of the issues, but also will give readers a better perspective of Africa, its peoples and cultures and vis versa. We travel around the globe to capture moments and inform our readers about stunning fashion expressions and stories that connects us all. We are not limited to a continent but our roots are in Africa. The cultures of the world has been directly or indirectly been influenced by Africa and vice versa. We believe Africa is the heartbeat of the world and is part of the drum that awakens us to dream a dream beyond our corner. We welcome our readers to look through the lenses of AfroStyle Magazine and see the world of fashion through an African inspired magazine.