issue 6


I love AfroStyle! So inspiring!
Leilani Jade Flannagin

I am so in love with your magazine. I can't get over how much I love this magazine! It seems that it's come a very long way since the beginning, and I'm getting great ideas from the current issue's editorials for my own headshot and portfolio update. Love from LA!
Alexia Lewis

Loving the beautiful AfroStyle!!
Wisdom Jackson

Wooooow I love the issue! I'm inspired!
Marcus Swaga Don

I am interested in the cost and procedures for ordering your publication. I love what I have seen online.
Arnetta Reddy

Thabana Peter Khothule

I really enjoy looking at AfroStyle online, looks great.
Andrew Clifton

I would love to be a model in AfroStyle Magazine...Wow great magazine!!!
Laura Lee

Good afternoon ASM Team,

I hope this finds you well. I want to first say that your mission statement is quite beautiful. When I first heard of AfroStyle I thought it would be a magazine that specialized in showing the beauty and uniqueness of African/African-American men and women. But after reading your info section I understand. I love the images and the concept behind the shoots. I am a fan on facebook and I look at the page whenever I get a chance to sit down. As an aspiring model, looking at your images helps me learn new ways to use my legs, arms, eyes, facial expressions and the positioning of my mouth. I want to encourage you all because you're doing an amazing job--absolutely magnificent! You are inspiring me as well as many other young women and men too. May good fortune and blessings come your way. Thank you for reading and maybe in the near future, when I make it as a model, we will be able to work together. Continue to inspire us!

Best regards,

CJ Hale

I so want to work for your magazine.
Travis Bivans

Great Work!
Eunice Olumide

Awesome Pics!!
James Bell

Truly African and quite inspiring. Success to you always!
Soyiga Olu-Ogunlana

AfroStyle Magazine Rocks!! Love the features and the fashion!
Damilola Bisuga

I love the images! So vitalizing!
Livet Skönhet

Great cover!! Thank you for sharing.
James Poe

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