From its start, supporters and critics of multiculturalism have debated its role and impact on the integration of immigrants, racial and ethnic groups and religious minorities around the globe. In my opinion, it is the ignorance and fear of our fellow man that are perhaps, the most important challenges facing humanity when it comes to multi-culturalism. With the lack of recognition of our differences, we cannot appreciate what each of us have in common. Famed American writer and civil-rights activist James Baldwin wrote, "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." And so, when we as a global can society recognize this, we can work towards being a truly egalitarian world. We all strive to provide the best we can for our families regardless of our cultural origins, and try to ensure that we live peacefully and harmoniously in this world – this is a goal that unites us all. However, skeptics may ask what is there for humanity to gain if we endure one another's presence within our society. My answer, we gain understanding, appreciation and a great alliance that many strive to achieve; for it is prejudicially dangerous believing that there is no merit in understanding and respecting the differences among our global neighbors.

Multiculturalism could be the antidote for the inappropriate and destructive behavior of dictatorial rules; and so, the value of multiculturalism must be spread and nurtured to richly produce the greatness of our common goals. It is incumbent on us as global neighbors to make the best of our differences for our benefit to establish a trust for each other – thus breaking down the chains of suspicion. We are shackled by our own cultural prejudice if we shun philosophical, ideological or spiritual knowledge of others. Realize that multiculturalism makes the ideal and humane ability to clearly love and appreciate others of a diverse cultural background, rather than shun them in a blurry or nebulous way. To summarize from American educator Howard Shorr’s article, ‘Why Multiculturalism is so Important,’ “mankind must make global multiculturalism a cornerstone of education ... events occurring in our community could have consequences beyond the borders of our world."

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