1. Is there a fee to join AfroStyle Magazine?

There is no fee to view AfroStyle Magazine. However, readers may contribute or donate to the magazine. A donation of any amount is appreciated.

2. Is AfroStyle Magazine just for Africans only?

Although AfroStyle Magazine is an African and African Inspired Magazine and seeks to showcase Africa’s beauty through various avenues particularly through fashion, AfroStyle aims to include readers of various cultures by integrating fashion from different parts of the globe into featured fashion spreads and in addition to featuring relatable articles and interviews. Therefore, AfroStyle Magazine encourages diversity.

3. How often will AfroStyle be updated for readers to check out?

AfroStyle Magazine is bi-annual and therefore will be updated two times a year. We will increase the number of issues released per year in the near future.

4. How can my designs be featured in AfroStyle Magazine’s photo shoots?

(a) To be featured on a shoot, send photos of your work to info@afrostylemag.com. Please keep in mind that if you live outside of Southern California, USA, or you are not close in proximity to Los Angeles, California, you may be required to send a sample of your work at your expense. Please keep in mind that your designs may not be used for a photo shoot.

(b) Be aware that you are sending your items at your own risk. AfroStyle Magazine is not responsible for the safety of your items being sent to or from ASM.

5. How can my article be featured on an issue of AfroStyle Magazine?

Submit your articles to info@afrostylemag.com for consideration. In addition, read the terms and conditions of AfroStyle Magazine. Not all submitted articles will be approved. If an article is approved, you will be informed.

6. What are the requirements to submit a photospread to AfroStyle Magazine?

To be considered to be featured in an issue of AfroStyle Magazine:
(a) The spread must contain 6-10 strong shots (Low-Res). You may be asked to send in a few more photos for review.
(b) Submissions must contain all crew names involved in the shoot. Shoot Location (and/or) City and Country must be mentioned.
(c) Submissions should contain a minimum of 5 clothing designers. (Each item featured MUST be described and given the proper credit. It is MANDATORY)
(d) Submissions must have clothing/jewelry/accessories credit. (Each item featured MUST be described and given the proper credit. It is MANDATORY)
(e) We encourage a detailed a story/concept behind the editorial submitted.
(f) If submission is accepted, high-res versions of the picked photos must be sent in before or by the given deadline.
(g) Send your spread to info@afrostylemag.com

7. Do submissions guarantee an acceptance to feature in ASM?

Acceptance of submitted editorials is not guaranteed. Submissions are reviewed for consideration. If approved, photographer, artists, writers etc., MUST sign and return a release form.

8. Promotion/Advertisement

Please send an email to info@afrostylemag.com for rates and information on advertising or promoting brands on our social media platforms and issues.

Note: ASM Special Print Editions are limited copies. A feature in an edition does not guarantee free copies. Tears of featured work will be emailed over upon/prior to release.